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A few months back, there was a leak of internal documents from George Soros's Open Society Foundation in the website by the hackers activist group DC Leaks.

DC Leaks is also the same organization that hacked and leaked all those Hillary Clinton emails currently in the news and now currently being investigated by FBI.

Much references to Malaysia and the "Malaysia Program" are in these documents.

This particular document caught my eye as this review of George Soros activities towards "free and fair" elections in Malaysia confirms funding by George Soros to BERSIH, Merdeka Center and MalaysiaKini.

The document also says George Soros has a personal interest in Malaysia while it suggest that they want opposition to win but do no want to be too blatant to show that.

It says that the OSF started working on the General Elections in 2010 in anticipation that the elections would be announced in 2011, two years after Prime Minister Najib replaced Ahmad Badawi.

Not only did OSF themselves say they have funded BERSIH activities since 2010 but they said "While the majority of support was through grant making, the Malaysia Program took on more than the traditional grantmaker’s role, and actually became the driver of the work."

Yes, Soros' foundation is the DRIVER of the "free and fair elections" movement.

Consistent with the expose of George Soros actively lobbying the USA politicians to remove Najib, it seems that these people have been working on trying to "change" Malaysia for quite some time with a deliberate plan and funding.

In their own review document, OSF themselves admitted that OSF’s support for the grantees was INSTRUMENTAL for the galvanizing of public participation and supporting civil society efforts and that OSF support was particularly impactful for youth participation with hundreds of thousands of youth mobilized.

So, OSF themselves confirmed what we had all long-supported: That George Soros is behind BERSIH rallies.

George Soros is known to be involved in pretty much any revolution or coup around the world as well as heavily influencing politics. But these leaks provide direct evidence and show how deep and serious his involvement is.

There’s a lot of cash involved. The guy is literally pouring money into all these NGOs by either financing them directly or sponsoring their projects (which always have clearly defined goals).

I really wonder why a hedge fund guy would be so interested in our "little Malaysia"?

And why should Malaysians follow this Mat Salleh pipe-piper to overthrow our own elected govt?



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